Friday, July 2, 2010

I've Got Issues

Anybody who knows me understands that I have a few issues.
  • I really struggle with different foods on my plate touching each other.
  • I have issues with fruit roll ups, cookies, muffins, chocolate, soda... okay you get the idea.
  • I rarely make my bed in the morning, however, I will make it before I go to bed because I don't like to sleep with the sheets messed up.
  • I can't stand being late. It drives me crazy. I always wear a watch. I even sleep with my watch on my wrist.
  • I don't like coffee and I don't like to scrapbook.
  • I don't like sweaty people touching me. This did not help my short lived basketball career.

The one "issue" that comes around this time of year is fireworks. I just don't get them. I know they are pretty and all, but really? In my past experiences with fireworks I would load up all my bug sprayed kids into the van and drive to some open field. Then we would all unload with multiple lawn chairs in hand. We would then try to find a place to sit and watch these fireworks. We would always be there early, because, well, I don't like to be late. About five minutes into the wait my kids are fighting about which chair to sit in, or who has to sit by Hannah, or all the bugs. Or they need a drink or snack or something which I didn't pack because, well, that would make us late.

By the time the fireworks start it is way past the kids' bedtime and two out of the four kids are sleeping only to wake up to loud booming noises. They then start crying and want to go home. But, by golly, they are going to watch these fireworks and even like it!

So now the fireworks are done and we drag our half asleep, mosquito bitten, kids and lawn chairs back to the van. We wait in what seems like forever traffic. Four sleepy, cranky kids in the van makes for two cranky parents in the van as well. Hours later we get home and carry each sleeping child from the van to the house. The kids get settled into bed and hopefully don't have nightmares about the loud booming noises.

And then my favorite part - the kids are crabby the whole next day because they went to bed way too late. All just to watch some fireworks. I think we might skip the firework thing this year. Anyone have an issue with that?

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