Saturday, July 10, 2010

Halfway Done

This summer I am doing something I thought I would NEVER do. Jon and I signed up for a 10 week fitness program called Farrells Extreme Bodyshaping. We started 5 weeks ago and we are at the halfway point. Before our first class, we had an orientation in which we were weighed, body fat measured, measurements were taken, we ran a timed mile, we did sit ups and push ups, and finally sit and reach. A before picture was also taken. I was really nervous before and during the orientation, and VERY self aware. New people, new place, and new situations. I reluctantly went through the orientation. And I have been going back six mornings a week. I have only missed one class, because, well, Josie was getting adopted that day and we had to be downtown Des Moines at 8:00 AM.

Today I had to go for 5 week testing. We had to do all the above, except the picture. However, they showed me my before picture, and that was almost as painful as taking it. I was blown away by my results today. I doubled the amount of sit ups in a minute, I did several more push ups in a minute, and I decreased my mile time by 47 seconds, and my body fat decreased almost 3 points! Perhaps the best part was that I didn't even walk at all while running. This is a HUGE improvement for me.

I write this not to toot my own horn...I have a long way to go. Some of my team mates had incredible improvements and I couldn't be prouder of them. I say this because this is something I thought I couldn't do. I thought I was too out of shape. I thought I didn't have time. I thought I would make a fool out of myself, etc, etc, etc. Do I enjoy getting up and going each morning? No - but I am so glad I am doing this. I am even contemplating continuing on after this 10 weeks is up!

So today I am going to celebrate and then on Monday I will buckle down and see what the next 5 weeks will bring. I say BRING IT ON!

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  1. Awesome Shelly! Wish they had something like this around here. Could use some motivation about now. I did the Tulip Festival 5K - but have been lacking the oomph to get moving again. Good for you!!