Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Kids Are Awesome"

I received an email from Josie's teacher today that I felt led to share.

"The kids had a great time signing their initials to Josie's cast the other day.

It was a really cool moment. All I said was, 'Let's sign our initials on Josie's cast. Keep it small so there is room for everyone.' I did my initials to show while they watched. Josie was getting a little antsy (wouldn't we all in the same position!), one of the kids started holding her hand and humming to her. I think Mandy suggested that maybe they sing to her. The kids took it from there! They all gathered round and one little girl started them out on the right pitch and everyone started singing and signing the cast. When one song ended, they quickly changed to another of Josie's favorites. They sang 3 or 4 different songs to her while gathered around. Josie loved it!

I wish we had video of it, but we did have a camera to grab! Hope you enjoy the pictures. Kids are awesome!"

I have to say that I have felt a tremendous amount of support from the staff at Josie's school. They have gone above and beyond any of my expectations. In the three years we have had Josie in our family I have noticed that she can really bring out the "good" in people. She is certainly bringing out the "good" in the students and staff at her school. Praise be to God!

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