Monday, May 10, 2010

From One Mom to Another

I had a great Mother's Day weekend. My husband and kids bought me an outfit earlier in the week. This was a 2 for 1 gift. I liked the outfit PLUS I got to enjoy 1-1/2 hours at home by MYSELF while they were out shopping - priceless. We went to Pella for Tulip Time and despite the cold weather we still had a good time. On Sunday, three of my kids and I went to Pella to spend the day with family from near and far. Jon stayed home with Josie and when I returned later that night, the entire house was picked up and clean! Jon also did 6+ loads of laundry! I have a great family, great kids, and a great husband!

There was one woman I thought about regularly throughout the weekend. I do not know this woman's name. I do not know where she lives. I do not know how old she is. I do not know what she looks like. I do not know how many kids she has. I do not even know if she is alive. This woman and I are linked together and we share one thing in common. We both share the title of "Josie's Mom." There are many things I would like to know about the woman who carried and birthed Josie. She has be to a beautiful woman because her daughter sure is. She must be strong, determined, and perhaps a bit stubborn because her daughter sure is. I do not know why she abandoned Josie. I would like to think it was because she was scared and couldn't provide for Josie and didn't know what else to do. Perhaps her motives were something else. I don't know.

I would like to tell her this: Josie has brought joy to so many. Josie has a new mommy who loves her dearly. Josie is the strongest person I know. Josie is the happiest person I know. Josie has the best daddy ever. Josie's laugh and smile can light up a room. Josie has the loudest cry I have ever heard. Josie is a fighter. Josie gives me strength and courage to make it through each day. Josie is a child of God and will one day be healed completely! I hope you will be reunited with Josie in heaven. I would like to thank this woman for the gift of Josie. Happy Mother's Day to Josie's Mom!

*On a technical note, I tried to get the picture on the top to the bottom of this post. For some reason it will not move, and I am tired of messing with it. So - scroll to the top to see a picture of Josie and me dancing. Photo courtesy of the Campbells from Wisconsin! :)

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  1. Beautiful post, Shelly. You have brought tears to my eyes. You are both so beautiful and I pray that some day, whether on this side of heaven or not, someday you may know her and she may know her beautiful daughter.
    Happy Belated mother's day!